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Pre-Sales Service

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 Pre-sale services; Pre-sale services
1, starting from the Marketing Division I received your call, the two sides established a cooperative relationship!
2, Division I professional would answer your procurement needs and technical requirements, analysis, to find the most appropriate solutions;
3, Division of Engineering specific embodiments and details will be given in accordance with the requirements of the Company gave a call, fax or E-mail form to inform and wait for your company to reply;
4, You agree to the program, I will timely accounting of the cost of production, the accounting inform the Company, the form of quotations Remarks; floating in marketing materials provided by our company quotation valid for one month;
5, the two sides are determined, entered into a purchase contract, contract indicate the machine configuration, payment method and production cycle as well as transportation costs bear party;
Receive your prepayments Division for the relevant departments for follow-up, regular size machines Our company will be issued within 3 working days, custom size according to the conclusion of the contract period of time to complete, and are subject to change another timely notice;
7, after the completion of the machine, Division I will call the form of notice to the Company personnel on the installation site check all standards Our logistics department at the agreed date of delivery to the Company's factory, the machine must be installed by our staff, we are responsible free installation (special installation requirements except);
8, after the completion of the machine installation, commissioning normal operation, machine installation is complete, the machine need to pay the relevant amount;
9 After the installation is complete, machine maintenance and after-sales transferred to the after-sales department

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