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Special Packaging - Packaging Technology

Pest packaging technology can be divided into the following five categories:
Inflatable packaging
Inflatable packaging is the use of carbon dioxide gas or an inert gas such as nitrogen replacement of air in the packaging container means a packaging technique, also known as gas replacement package. This packaging method is based on the aerobic metabolism of aerobic microorganisms characteristic, sealed packaging container changed the composition of the gas, reducing the oxygen concentration, inhibit microbial physiological activity, enzyme activity and respiration rate of fresh goods, reach mildew, corrosion and preservation purposes. In the international packaging standards have residual oxygen indicators to be qualified, production targets and indicators on the shelves is also different, generally less than 3% of the former, the latter is less than 1%.
Vacuum packaging
Vacuum packaging is to items into airtight container, the container evacuated before sealing, to seal the container after a little air packing method. Meat in general merchandise, grain processing products as well as some easy to oxidative deterioration of goods can be vacuum packaging, vacuum packaging not only avoid or reduce fat oxidation, but also inhibits the growth of certain fungi and bacteria. While its heat sterilization, since the gas inside the container has been ruled out, thus accelerating the heat conduction. Improve the high-temperature sterilization efficiency, but also to avoid the heat sterilization, due to expansion of the gas leaving the container rupture.
Shrink Packaging
Shrink packaging is shrink-wrapping objects (or inner package), and then make the appropriate heat treatment of the film, the film shrinkage close to the goods (or inner package) packaging technology and methods. Shrink film is a specially treated polyethylene stretch film and cooling, since the film is stretched in the directional residual shrinkage stress, the stress will be subject to certain post-heat elimination, making it both horizontally and vertically dramatic contraction , while increasing the thickness of the film shrinkage rate is usually 30% to 70% contraction reaches a maximum in the cooling stage, and to maintain long-term.
Stretch wrap
Stretch wrap is used since the 1970s, a new packaging technology, which is evolved by the shrink wrap, stretch wrap is to rely on mechanical devices at room temperature, the elastic film is wrapped around pieces of stretch wrap and at its end for sealing a packing method. Because stretch wrap without heating, so the energy consumption is only one twentieth shrink packaging. Stretch wrap packing individual items can also be used like a collection tray packaging packaging.
Deoxy packaging
Deoxy package is the second inflatable packaging vacuum packaging and after the emergence of a new type of oxygen packaging methods. Deoxy package is in a sealed container, the use of chemical reaction with the oxygen reaction with a deoxidizer, to remove oxygen in the packaging container in order to protect the contents of the object. Deoxidation packaging is applicable to some particularly sensitive to oxygen articles used in those even with trace oxygen will induce deterioration in the quality of food packaging.
Edit this paragraph the definition of various types of packaging
Single package - Direct bloom goods packaging. Such as: steel drums, plastic drums, cans. Weight does not exceed 400kg, capacity not exceeding 450L
Inner packing - direct contact packaging and materials; need overwrap packaging. (Combination package)
Inner - direct contact packaging and materials; need packaging containers. (Composite packaging)
Composite packaging - an outer and an inner composition of the overall package. ≤ 400kg, ≤ 450L
Combination packaging - one or more inner packaging in a shipping package (be freed) ≤ 400kg. Such as: plastic containers placed in wooden box
Packaging - packaging and combination packaging part of its adsorption external protection, cushioning material
Reusable packaging - filling the same packaging of goods, prior to each use of performance indicators should be standard
Fix pack - replacement of some accessories packaging. Such as: lid, washers
Recycled packaging - packaging changed form. Such as: 6HA1 into 6HA2
Bailout package - bloom damaged package packaging
Intermediate Bulk Container - suitable for mechanical handling volume in 250L ~ 3000L of rigid and flexible packaging movable
Tanks - tank containers, road tankers, rail tankers. ≥ 450L

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