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Hydraulic packaging industry outlook

At present, China's food packaging machinery around 30 billion yuan in output value, while annual imports of food packaging machinery about $ 1 billion. Food processing and packaging machinery manufacturing industry is to provide technology and equipment for the food industry, an important industry in recent years, the progressive development of our national economy the fastest growing, most dynamic pillar industries. However, due to a late start, technical resources, not enough focus and other reasons, China's food processing and packaging machinery manufacturing technological innovation capability is very weak.
     People's living standards improve the food industry's role in promoting Obviously, food machinery industry market prospects are generally good, but the domestic food machinery plant operators, the market in the end is a delicious cake or a hot potato it? China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association executive vice president Ho south, said: "At present, many domestic food processing and packaging machinery manufacturing enterprise development is passive, many technical improvements are also quite upset."

     Food industry to promote the development of food packaging machinery

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