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What is the two-color injection molding

What is the two-color injection molding, how to shape?
The so-called two-color injection molding, refers to two different colors of plastic injection molding method of the same mold. It makes plastic parts appear two different colors, and make plastic parts showing a regular or irregular pattern moire color, in order to improve the practicality of plastic parts and aesthetics.
(1) Two mixing injection molding
Figure 1 shows the principle of double mixing injection molding. It has two barrels, each barrel structure and use of the cartridge are the same as with ordinary injection molding. Each cylinder has its own channel communicating with the nozzle, the nozzle passage is also equipped with a closing valve 2,4. Molding, melt is plasticized in the barrel after a good, controlled by the opening and closing valve 2,4 melt into the nozzle and discharge material order of proportion, followed by the injection nozzle into the mold cavity. You can get all kinds of blending effect of different plastics.

(2) principle of double injection molding pattern
Shows a schematic diagram of double injection molding pattern. It also has two cylinder 1 and 5, the nozzle structure somewhat special, in addition to its usual function of the nozzle, but also installed in the rear of the drive gear 3 rotates. Molding, the barrel 1,5 respectively different colors of molten plastics material, and the driven gear 3 rotating the rotary shaft 4, the different colors alternately melt into the mold cavity, to thereby obtain from the center to the surrounding radiation in the form of different colors and pattern plastic products.

(3) two-color injection molding Caution Because two-color injection molding is composed of two of the barrel
Forming mixed together, therefore, from the two melt in the barrel must have good bond strength, in order to ensure a better combination of strength, it should be possible to use different colors of the same plastic. If you use a different color varieties of plastics injection molding, it must first be combined with performance tests to confirm eligibility before combining production, otherwise good bonding strength two plastic mixed together, easy to make plastic parts cracks and other defects.

Color mold
Color mold: Two plastic materials in the same injection molding machine, a two-molding, but the product only once out of the mold of the mold. In general this is also called double injection molding process is usually completed by a set of molds, and the need for specialized color injection molding machine.
Color mold growing popularity on the market today, in this process can make the product look more beautiful, easy to change the color and you can not spray, but expensive, technically demanding.
1 two female mold shape is different, each forming one kind of product, and the male mold the same as the two shapes.
2 the mold before and after the mold is rotated by 180o in the center, it must match. Checks must be designed to do this action, this point mold positioned higher processing requirements.
3 A front panel module panel plus the total thickness of not less than 170mm. Please carefully review this type of injection molding machines other reference data, for example, the maximum capacity of mold thickness, minimum thickness Mould, KO hole distance.
4 three plate mold outlet preferably designed to be automatic ejection action. Particular attention to whether the action stripping soft outlet can *.
5 in the design of the second female mold injection, in order to avoid secondary master mold insert (or rub) wound forming a good product was first plastic bits and can be part of the design to avoid empty. But the sealant must be carefully considered every bit strength, namely: in injection molding, whether there will be a large injection pressure, the plastic deformation, resulting in the second injection may be batch front may be generated?
6 injection molding, injection molding first product size can be slightly larger to make it in the second with another male molding molded tightly to achieve sealant role.
7 Note that the second injection molding, plastic flow will first impulse has been forming a good product to glue bit deformed? If there is a possibility, must find ways to improve.
8 in A, B platen clamping before, pay attention to the former model slider or lifter will be reset and the crushed product? So, we must find ways to make the A, B first clamping plate, then slide or lifter before mold can be reset.
9 two female mold and male mold carrying water arrangement as fully as possible, and the balance, the same.
10.99% of the cases is the first product of the hard plastic part injection molding, injection molding products, then soft parts. Because soft easy to deform.

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