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Common packaging equipment

Many types of packaging machinery, can be divided into before packaging machinery, packaging machinery and packaging machinery and packaging materials from the function on the points, it is divided into a variety of specific type of machinery:
1, carton processing machinery: tile lines, vertical and horizontal cutting machine, splicer, Glue machine, glue machine, drying machine, cutting machine, slitting machine, cutting machine, laminating machine, nail box machine, printing machine, corrugated roll, roller, tools, pads
2, Soft Case processing machinery: film blowing machine, casting machine, coating machine, laminating machine, vertical filling packaging machine, horizontal packaging machine Filling
3, box processing machinery: Color cutting machine, pasting machine, strapping machine, paper cutter, polishing machine, bronzing machine, laminating machine,
4, printing equipment categories: proofer, pre-printing machine, printing machine, printing slotting machine
5, packing machinery: filling machine, sealing machine, filling and sealing machine, aseptic filling machine, inkjet coders, laser coders, thermal transfer coding machine, labeling machine, labeling machine, sealing packaging equipment, shrink packaging machine, tape sealing machine, boxing equipment, boxing equipment
6, other machinery: automatic control, testing equipment

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